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Population: 6,557
Median Age: 36
Unemployment Rate: 1.6%
Male: 40.1%
Female: 59.9%
Median Income: $66,034
Median Rent: $1,090

Education (% Population)

High School: 28.9%
Some College: 33.9%
Bachelors Degree: 16.0%
Graduate Degree: 9.3%
STEM Degree: 54.60%


County: Wise
Time Zone: America/Chicago
Median Commute (Minutes): 25.4
Median Home Value: $191,327

Business Climate Overview

Decatur is a city in Wise County, TX, and is located northwest of Fort Worth along US Highway 287. The business climate in Decatur makes it a strong option for business expansion and relocation projects because of its strategic location, access to major highways, and proximity to the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex. The city and neighboring areas are home to organizations and companies such as Weatherford International, Wise Health System, and James Wood Motors.

Here are some specific elements of the business climate in Decatur that make it attractive for corporate expansion and relocation projects:
  • Taxes: Decatur has a favorable tax environment with no city property tax and a low sales tax rate of 6.25%. Texas also has no personal income tax and offers various tax incentives for businesses.
  • Workforce: Decatur has a diverse workforce with skilled workers in industries such as manufacturing, healthcare, and energy. The city's central location and transportation infrastructure provide easy access for workers commuting from surrounding areas.
  • Wages: The median household income in Decatur is approximately $66,034, while the median rent is around $1,250.
  • Industries: Decatur is known for its strong presence in the manufacturing, healthcare, and oil and gas industries. Companies such as Trinity Industries, Wise Health System, and Devon Energy have operations in the city.
  • Quality of Life: Decatur offers a charming downtown area with local shops, restaurants, and historic buildings. Outdoor enthusiasts can enjoy activities at nearby attractions such as the LBJ National Grasslands, Lake Bridgeport, and the Wise County Park.
  • Education: Nearby educational institutions include Weatherford College-Decatur Campus, which offers programs in nursing and vocational training, and Texas Woman's University, known for its nursing and healthcare programs.

Tax Rates

In Decatur, Texas, the total sales tax rate is comprised of the state, county, and local city rates. The state of Texas imposes a sales tax rate of 6.25%. On top of this, Wise County, where Decatur is located, does not levy any additional county sales tax. However, the city of Decatur imposes a local sales tax rate of 2%, making the total sales tax rate in Decatur, TX 8.25%.

As for corporate taxes, Texas is known for its business-friendly tax structure. The state does not impose a corporate income tax. However, it does levy a gross receipts tax, known as the Texas Franchise Tax. The rate varies depending on the type of business, but for most entities, the rate is 0.75% of taxable margin.

Property taxes in Decatur, TX also play a significant role in the local tax structure. Commercial and industrial properties are taxed at the same rate as residential properties. The property tax rate in Decatur is set by the Wise County Appraisal District and can vary from year to year. Personal property, which includes vehicles, boats, and other movable property, is also subject to taxation. The tax rate for personal property is the same as that for real estate property.


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Decatur, TX Map

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  • Flyover of City of Decatur TX
  • Driving through beautiful downtown Decatur

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