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Tax Rates

Sales Tax in Fort Worth, TX: The total sales tax is 8.25%, comprised of Texas state sales tax at 6.25% and Fort Worth city sales tax at 2%.

Corporate Tax in Fort Worth, TX: Texas imposes a franchise tax instead of a corporate income tax, with rates ranging from 0.331% to 0.75% of gross receipts, after deductions.

Property Tax in Fort Worth, TX:
The property tax rate for commercial, industrial, and personal properties is 2.546% of the assessed property value.


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Business Incentives

Chapter 380 Grants and Tax Abatement

  • Requires commitment to use certified M/WBE companies for a minimum of 15% of construction costs
  • Fort Worth Team may assist with other non-cash incentives like expedited permitting

Tax Increment Financing

Tax Increment Financing zones use increased property taxes within designated areas to fund targeted infrastructure improvements, stimulating development without burdening general city revenues


Business Climate Overview

Fort Worth, TX is located approximately 32 miles west of Dallas in Tarrant County, Texas and is a great destination for business. Its accessibility to nearby highways and supply chain corridors such as Interstate 35W and Interstate 20, proximity to Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport, and its thriving economy make it an ideal choice for corporate relocation. Notable companies such as American Airlines, Lockheed Martin, and Bell Helicopter have already found success in Fort Worth. The city offers a low tax burden, skilled workforce, and a median household income of $67,927.00. Its industries span aerospace and defense, manufacturing, transportation and logistics, healthcare, and financial services. Fort Worth, TX's rich cultural heritage, vibrant arts scene, proximity to top educational institutions like Texas Christian University, and general quality of life factors make it a standout option for businesses and residents alike. 


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Sara Thurber

Vice President of Economic Development Fort Worth Economic Development Partnership

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Robert Sturns

Director | Fort Worth Economic Development Partnership

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Ori Fernandez

Assistant Director | Fort Worth Economic Development Department

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Michael Hennig

Economic Development Manager | Fort Worth Economic Development Department


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  • A video about economic innovation in Fort Worth
  • Fort Worth was recently named the "pro-growth" city in the U.S.


Fort Worth is known for its strong logistics infrastructure, including proximity to Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport, and programs like the Fort Worth Business Assistance Center that specifically aid business relocation and growth.
Startups in Fort Worth benefit from programs like TechFW, which focuses on nurturing tech startups, and the support from the University of North Texas Health Science Center for biotech ventures.
Key industries in Fort Worth include aerospace (with companies like Lockheed Martin), manufacturing, and logistics. The city supports these industries through tailored initiatives like the Manufacturing Assistance Center.
The Fort Worth Economic Development Department offers support through incentives, zoning assistance, and connecting businesses with vital resources for expansion and growth.
The Fort Worth Economic Development Partnership is instrumental in initiatives like the "Fortify" strategy, focusing on business attraction, workforce development, and supporting key sectors like aviation and logistics. It's known for successful projects like attracting major companies and facilitating downtown revitalization efforts.