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Target Industries

Electronics Distribution

Mansfield quietly powers the electronics scene thanks to Mouser's massive HQ and its strategic location near highways and the DFW airport, attracting distributors and benefiting from a skilled workforce and business-friendly environment.

General Manufacturing

Mansfield hums with diverse manufacturing, from Klein Tools to innovative small businesses, fueled by skilled workers and strategic access to highways and Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport.


Mansfield serves as a vital hub for freight movement, connecting businesses to national and international markets. Companies like BCB Transport and 6th Ave Mansfield Transportation provide local and long-distance hauling services.

Tax Rates

Sales Tax: The sales tax rate is 8.25%, equivalent to $8.25 per $100.


Corporate Income Tax: Texas does not impose a corporate income tax.


Property Tax: The property tax rate is approximately 2.69%, or $2.69 per $100 of assessed value.


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Business Incentives

Type A and Type B Sales Tax Funds

In May of 2023 the citizens of Mansfield approved Sales and Use Tax propositions that allow Mansfield EDC to use its collected Type A sales tax to fund projects such as:
  • Research & development facilities
  • Job training centers
  • Public transportation
  • Parks and sports facilities
  • Affordable housing
  • Public safety infrastructure

Infrastructure Funds

Mansfield EDC can aid approved projects by building or expanding essential infrastructure like roads, utilities, and fiber optics.

Chapter 380 Loans and Grants

Chapter 380 empowers cities like Mansfield to administer programs that nurture economic prosperity. Mansfield leverages this framework to offer loan and grant programs, exemplified by the Retail Rent Assistance Grant, to invest in local businesses and their success.

Business Climate Overview

Mansfield, Texas, is a vibrant city located in the southeastern part of the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex. It is strategically positioned with easy access to major highways, including US 287 and State Highway 360, making it a convenient hub for businesses and residents alike. Its proximity to both Dallas and Fort Worth offers the benefits of urban resources while maintaining a distinct, community-focused atmosphere.

Demographics: Mansfield boasts a diverse and growing population, characterized by a well-educated workforce. The city has seen significant population growth over the past decade, attracting families and professionals alike. This growth has contributed to a dynamic labor pool, with a notable percentage of the population holding bachelor's degrees or higher.

Wages: The median household income in Mansfield is well above the national average, reflecting the city's prosperous economic environment and the high-quality jobs it offers. Meanwhile, the median rent in Mansfield is competitive, providing affordable living options for its residents without compromising on quality or access to amenities.

Key Industries: Mansfield's economy is diverse, with key industries including healthcare, education, retail, and manufacturing. The city has also seen growth in technology and logistics, thanks to its strategic location and robust infrastructure. These industries provide a stable economic base and a wide range of employment opportunities for residents.

Quality of Life: Mansfield is renowned for its high quality of life, offering residents a blend of urban and suburban living. The city boasts numerous parks, recreational facilities, and a variety of outdoor activities, including the Mansfield National Golf Club and the Walnut Creek Linear Park. These amenities, along with a low crime rate and excellent schools, make Mansfield an attractive place to live and work.

Education: While Mansfield itself does not host universities or community colleges, it is in close proximity to several higher education institutions in the Dallas-Fort Worth area, including the University of Texas at Arlington and Tarrant County College. These institutions provide residents with access to a wide range of undergraduate, graduate, and continuing education programs.

Businesses: Mansfield is home to a variety of businesses, ranging from local startups to established corporations. Notable companies in the city include Mouser Electronics, a leading global distributor of semiconductors and electronic components, and Methodist Mansfield Medical Center, a full-service hospital that serves the community's healthcare needs.

Economic Development Organizations: The Mansfield Economic Development Corporation (MEDC) plays a crucial role in the city's economic development. The MEDC works to attract, retain, and support businesses, fostering a thriving business environment. Additionally, the Mansfield Area Chamber of Commerce provides resources and networking opportunities for businesses of all sizes, promoting growth and collaboration within the community.


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Strategic location: Proximity to major highways and DFW Airport ensures efficient transportation of goods.
Skilled workforce: A robust talent pool with a significant number of STEM graduates caters to specialized needs.
Business-friendly environment: Competitive taxes and supportive infrastructure create a cost-effective operating environment.
Established presence: Major players like Mouser and Klein Tools demonstrate the success potential for similar businesses.

Flexible Type A & B funds: Access funding for diverse projects beyond traditional industrial development, including R&D facilities, job training centers, and public transportation.
Infrastructure assistance: Mansfield EDC can help build or expand crucial infrastructure like roads, utilities, and fiber optics, reducing initial capital expenses.
Retail Rent Assistance Grant: Get financial support with rent costs while establishing your business in Mansfield.

Educated population: A high percentage of residents hold bachelor's and graduate degrees, particularly in STEM fields.
Median age of 38: A young and dynamic workforce with potential for long-term growth and retention.
Low unemployment rate: (4.4%) indicates a readily available pool of qualified candidates.

Competitive property taxes: Commercial/industrial property tax rate is around 2.68%, compared to higher rates in some major metropolitan areas.
Median income of $105,579: Affluent residents offer a strong customer base for both B2C and B2B businesses.
Reasonable rental costs: Median rent of $1,511 makes commercial space more affordable compared to other Texas cities.
Mansfield Economic Development Corporation (MEDC): Provides guidance, financial resources, and infrastructure assistance.
Business associations and networks: Connect with other businesses and industry leaders for valuable collaborations and support.
Chamber of Commerce: Offers resources and advocacy for businesses of all sizes in Mansfield.