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Target Industries

Life Sciences and Healthcare

Pearland, adjacent to the Texas Medical Center, excels in medical device manufacturing and health research, employing many TMC workers from the 77584 zip code.


Pearland, part of the global energy hub, hosts numerous companies in oil and gas exploration and energy services, bolstering its energy sector economy.


Known for its robust manufacturing base, Pearland benefits from the Houston region's strong manufacturing industry, employing a significant workforce.

Tax Rates

Sales and Use Tax: In Texas, the state sales tax rate is 6.25%, with local additions allowed up to 2.0%, for a maximum of 8.25%; Pearland's local rate is 2.0%, totaling 8.25%.

Income Tax:
Texas does not impose personal or corporate income taxes, as its constitution prohibits personal income tax.

Franchise Tax: While Texas lacks a corporate income tax, it levies a franchise tax based on the taxable entity's margin, detailed on the Texas Comptroller’s website.

Property Tax:
Ad Valorem property taxes in Pearland apply to real and tangible personal property, primarily in Brazoria County, with exemptions like homestead available.


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Business Incentives

Economic Development Sales Tax

Since 1995, the Pearland Economic Development Corporation (PEDC) collects a 0.5% sales tax to boost economic growth. The PEDC, governed by a seven-member board, uses these funds for job creation and city development. Businesses that export products or services can apply for assistance, which may include loans or grants, based on their economic impact on Pearland.

Property Tax Abatement

Pearland incentivizes certain businesses with property tax abatements for up to 10 years. To qualify, a project must increase property value by at least $500,000 and create or retain a minimum of 10 jobs. Applications need City Council approval and should be submitted 90 days before construction starts.

Freeport Property Tax Exemption

Pearland, along with several local authorities, offers a Freeport exemption, eliminating property taxes on certain goods (like inventory) meant for out-of-state shipment. To qualify, goods must be in Texas temporarily for processing or manufacturing and shipped out within 175 days of arrival. This exemption benefits companies that manufacture or distribute products shipped outside Texas.

Business Climate Overview

Pearland means business. And as one of the fastest growing cities in the Houston region, we are pro-business. We offer amenitized sites with quality infrastructure, along with competitive incentives and smart tax abatement programs that make getting started fast and affordable.

Our workforce is highly educated, with nearly half of residents over the age of 18 holding a bachelor’s degree or higher. Plus, you’ll have an impressive selection of housing options and schools for your employees. And it’s all only minutes away from Houston and the world-famous Texas Medical Center.

When it comes to a great business climate, prepare to love Pearland! 


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Our Team

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Brian Malone

Vice President | Pearland Economic Development Corporation

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Matt Buchanan

President | Pearland Economic Development Corporation

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Valerie Marvin

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Pearland, TX is a diverse and rapidly growing city. As of the latest U.S. Census data, it boasts a population of over 120,000 residents. The city has a significant proportion of young families, with a median age of around 34 years. It's known for its ethnic diversity, with a significant representation of Hispanic, African American, and Asian communities.
Pearland is home to a variety of businesses, ranging from retail to healthcare. Major employers include the Pearland Medical Center, Kelsey-Seybold Clinic, Walmart, and H-E-B. The city also has a thriving small business community supported by the Pearland Economic Development Corporation, which fosters local business growth and development.
Pearland, TX is primarily located in Brazoria County. However, portions of the city extend into Fort Bend and Harris Counties. This tri-county positioning gives Pearland a unique administrative and geographical advantage.
The Pearland Economic Development Corporation (PEDC) is a key organization in Pearland, dedicated to fostering economic growth. Established in 1995, the PEDC works to attract new businesses, support existing businesses, and create jobs. It manages the collection and allocation of a 0.5% sales tax for economic development and offers various business incentives and assistance programs.
As of the latest available data, Pearland Independent School District (Pearland ISD) has set a total tax rate at $1.3585 per $100 of assessed property value. This rate comprises $0.9605 for Maintenance and Operations and $0.3980 for Interest and Sinking (I&S), which is used for repaying debts.
The closest major airport to Pearland, TX, is William P. Hobby Airport (HOU), located approximately 7 miles north of the city center. This airport offers domestic flights and is convenient for residents and visitors to Pearland. For international flights, George Bush Intercontinental Airport (IAH) is about 33 miles north of Pearland.
Pearland's manufacturing sector is diverse, with a focus on high-tech, energy, and medical device manufacturing. The city's strategic location near the Port of Houston and major highways makes it attractive for manufacturing companies. Notable manufacturing firms in Pearland include Merit Medical Systems, a manufacturer of medical devices, and Tool-Flo Manufacturing, specializing in precision tools. Pearland's Lower Kirby Urban District is also a key area for industrial development, attracting various manufacturing and commercial businesses.